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Company profile


Hebi weida ke xun electric co., ltd. was founded in November 2015. The company is located in beautiful industrial park, jinshan industrial zone, hebi city, henan province, 15km away from the east hebi high-speed railway station, with convenient transportation and superior geographical location.

The company covers an area of 50,000 square meters, including 20,000 square meters of productive building area, the total amount of existing fixed assets of 20 million. At present, there are more than 100 employees, 26 senior and intermediate professional and technical personnel and management personnel, including 3 senior professional titles and 1 doctor. It covers mechanical design and manufacturing, electronic and electrical, optical testing, heat meter processing, metal materials, enterprise management, quality management, marketing management, financial management and other professional. Now has all kinds of production equipment, testing equipment more than 100, including 19 sets of CNC machining center, electric assembly line 5, micro-arc oxidation, electrophoresis production line 1, the shear stamping production line 1, high vacuum evaporation bismuth, selenium evaporation high vacuum machine, air impact machine, rotary kiln and furnace, capacitor can assign special equipment, such as direction, measurement, surge suppressor, selenium rectifier production line 2. Detection equipment and auxiliary production are: wire cutting machine, argon arc welding machine, shearing machine, sand blower, air compressor machine, grinding machine, cutter grinding machine, salt spray testing machine, metallographic microscope, coating thickness gauge, integrating sphere, lighting lamps and lanterns of aging test bench test bench, semiconductor components, components ageing test rig, electronic scales, electronic scale, plane plate days equal precision instruments and equipment.

Magnesium alloy electronic display box, light casting lamp, industrial and mining lamp series products have formed a standardized and serialized production capacity, magnesium alloy electronic radiator and magnesium alloy lighting appliances have the capacity of mass production and testing. The company is a designated manufacturer of surge suppressors in China. Surge suppressors, selenium rectifiers and selenium reactors are widely used in military industry, aviation, railway and power industry, and are exported to Europe and America. Magnesium alloy series civil new products are being developed to expand the production scale and gradually occupy the domestic market. Magnesium alloy electronic radiator, magnesium alloy LED large screen display, the new energy car battery pack of magnesium alloy parts, is followed by the national development and the direction of the light alloy new material, the company developed the energy conservation and environmental protection, light quality, good heat dissipation performance, high strength and corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy electronic radiator and electronic magnesium alloy display, lead the new trend of domestic electronic radiator industry.

Short-term goal: from 2018 to 2020, introduce high-level technical and management personnel, enrich r&d forces of various functional departments and improve management level. Introduce and train skilled personnel for operation, build a strong craftsman team, establish talent incentive mechanism, lock hearts and retain people, and maintain the stability of the staff team. We will formulate a management system for all functional departments and establish a code of conduct for "running factories in accordance with the law." Continuous implementation of "quality for survival, variety for development, continuous improvement of management, the pursuit of customer satisfaction. Quality policy.

Medium - and long-term goals: from 2020 to 2025, gradually establish the company's corporate culture. Create a safe and reliable quality concept of excellence; The concept of talent to be competent for the post; Advocate the innovative concept of innovation and dare to break through; Safety concept of supreme safety of life; The concept of secrecy with responsibility; Green manufacturing environment beautiful environmental protection concept.

The spirit of enterprise is: openness, integration, learning from others and win-win cooperation.

Enterprise core values are: integrity, professionalism, innovation, people-oriented, civilized.

Looking forward to the future development prospect, Vida sunda electric co., ltd. will take the market as the guide, take the industry, education and research as the technical support, take the scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, deepen the reform, integrate resources, build a high-quality and excellent brand, closely follow the non-ferrous metal industry and electronic power.