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R & D results

Magnesium alloy electronic display box, light casting lamp, industrial and mining lamp series products have formed a standardized and serialized production capacity, magnesium alloy electronic radiator and magnesium alloy lighting appliances have the capacity of mass production and testing. The company is a designated manufacturer of surge suppressors in China. Surge suppressors, selenium rectifiers and selenium reactors are widely used in military industry, aviation, railway and power industry, and are exported to Europe and America. Magnesium alloy series civil new products are being developed to expand the production scale and gradually occupy the domestic market. Magnesium alloy electronic radiator, magnesium alloy LED large screen display, the new energy car battery pack of magnesium alloy parts, is followed by the national development and the direction of the light alloy new material, the company developed the energy conservation and environmental protection, light quality, good heat dissipation performance, high strength and corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy electronic radiator and electronic magnesium alloy display, lead the new trend of domestic electronic radiator industry.