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Numerical control operator

Release time:

Recruitment quota: 10

Job responsibilities: mainly engaged in CNC equipment operation, finished product processing, and carried out daily supervision and maintenance of equipment.

Recruitment conditions:

(1) electromechanical integration, numerical control technology, mold manufacturing and automation, electrical automation and other related majors (18-25 years old) (3) limited to male (4) have mechanical drawing, mechanical drawing ability, with some work experience can be preferred to hire

Salary: 1900-5000

The company belongs to the high growth enterprise, has the positive work atmosphere, establishes the good development platform and the promotion space for the staff. Here, the dream has how big, the stage has how big! Welcome to join us!

Working hours: 8:30 am -12:00 PM: 13:00 PM -17:00, every Sunday off, statutory holidays in accordance with the provisions of the state holiday leave.

Company benefits: participate in social security, provide accommodation, overtime allowance, transportation subsidy, year-end bonus, employee birthday, Mid-Autumn festival, Spring Festival welfare, go out for training, travel and so on.

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Numerical control operator